Financial Aid & Planning Myths

Myths Explanations
Financial Aid is only based on parent’s incomeFinancial aid is based on many different factors related to parents and students, family income does not determine financial aid.
Schools with lower tuitions are a better dealThe “Sticker Price” of a college is never the final cost for any student. The actual amount paid by each student varies based on many factors.
Financial aid is the same at every schoolThe financial aid offered to students is done independently by each college and will be different.
Public & in-state schools are cheaper than private and out of state schoolsThe actual cost of a college to a student relies on a complex equation that differs at every school. Based on various factors, an out of state school may cost a student less than an in-state school, and a private school may cost less than a public school.
Students should focus on applying to as many scholarships as possible3rd party scholarships are time consuming and competitive. Students should not over invest in these scholarships at the cost of other opportunities. Students should use proven strategies to focus on scholarships that are the most advantageous and best fit for them.

Planning for the financial cost of college can be complex and overwhelming. Let us assist you in planning for and reducing those costs.

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